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Released : Welcome To The Jungle : Hurt CD

By: Elvis Australia
Source: www.elvis.com.au
May 3, 2011
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Venus Productions have just released the final volume in the 'Welcome to The Jungle' series titled Hurt. (Following, Solitaire, Never Again, The Last Farewell and Way Down.) As usual, this CD offers you some spectacular recordings from the famous Jungle Room sessions, including some never heard before outtakes. There's no need to brag again about this release being sensational, having a great sound quality or about the beautiful 16 page booklet, because you all knew that on forehand.

Hear how Elvis and his band go from strength to strength on 'I'll Never Fall In Love Again', 'For The Heart' and 'Hurt'. This is a great follow-up to all previous volumes so don't you dare miss it!!!  

Elvis Presley MP3 Audio Audio Sample : Hurt

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Listen to a sample of both the most recent master of Hurt and take 2 from the  'Hurt' CD.

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The Welcome to the Jungle series has been one of the most amazing 'events' in CD releases.

But the latest and last volume really surprised me. Just listening to the undubbed out takes of Hurt in particular, Elvis' performance sounds so much more powerful, like his live performances.

Reading the liner notes, there is a clear distain for the overdubbing done by Felton Jarvis, I decided to do some comparison's and while I often enjoy undubbed tracks I am never of the mindset that they are all wrong, if done well, if the end result is better, then that is good, but listening to even the most recent sound upgrade to Hurt by Sony it sounds muffled and very poor in comparison to what we have on the 'Welcome To The Jungle' : Hurt CD. I chose take 2 for my compilation of a 'new version' of From Elvis Presley Boulevard and as said already, every time I hear Hurt it reminds me of Elvis' live performances - it completely out shines the master.

It is true what they say in the 'press release' ... [Above]

For the record, following is my 'playlist' from the series.

Hurt : Take 2
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain : Take 2
Moody Blue : Take 6
Danny Boy : Take 9
For The Heart : Undubbed Master
It's Easy For You : Take 1
Way Down : Undubbed Master
Pledging My Love : Unedited, Undubbed Master
She Thinks I Still Care : Undubbed Master
Never Again : Undubbed Master
Soliaire : Undubbed Master
Love Coming Down : Take 4
I'll Never Fall In Love Again : Undubbed Master
Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall : Undubbed Master

Tracks :

01. I'll Never Fall In Love Again Takes 1,2 5:14, 02. I'll Never Fall In Love Again Take 3 4:07, 03. I'll Never Fall In Love Again Takes 4,5 3:58, 04. I'll Never Fall In Love Again Undubbed Master 3:40, 05. I'll Never Fall In Love Again Master 3:44 06. For The Heart Take 1 3:46, 07. For The Heart Takes 2,3 4:15, 08. For The Heart Take 4 4:05, 09. For The Heart False starts,Take 5 4:30, 10. For The Heart Undubbed Master 3:26, 11. For The Heart Master 3:25, 12. Hurt Take 1 1:16, 13. Hurt Take 2 2:19, 14. Hurt False starts, Take 3 2:47, 15. Hurt Take 4 1:16, 16. Hurt Take 5 2:11, 17. Hurt Take 6 0:46, 18. Hurt Undubbed Master 2:10, 19. Hurt remixed 2:07, 20. Hurt Master 2:10, 21. Hurt Take 69 2:20 [If it sounds like from outer space, you can be sure it's from Venus.]

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Welcome To The Jungle : Hurt CD

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