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Animal Instinct

Elvis Presley Lyrics Words & Music by Giant, Baum, Kaye Elvis Presley Lyrics

Don't ever take tour eyes off me
Not even for a minute
'cause like a panther I might pounce
And that will be the limit

I can be sneaky, fast as a snake
I strike like a cobra, make no mistake
And baby you'll be trapped, quick as a wink
It's animal instinct

Don't think that I won't pin you down
No matter how you plead it
I'm like a lion who's been caged
And you are gonna meet it

Watch out I'll warn ya', sharp as a hawk
I'm wild as a tiger, I prowl and I stalk
'cause when a man feels thirst, he takes a drink
It's animal instinct

You better not be caught off guard
This wolf is on the search now
A leopard just can't change it's spots
And I'm about to lurch now
I roar like the jungle, I fight tooth and nail
I just gotta get you, you'll fall without fail
I'm ready for the kill, I'm right on the brink
It's animal instinct
It's animal instinct, animal instinct

Recorded: 1965/02/26, first released on Harum Scarum

Elvis Presleys Movies From the movie Harum Scarum

February 24, 1965 RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tessessee

Shake That Tambourine SPA3 6752-SP

February 25, 1965 RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tessessee

So Close Yet So Far SPA3 6754-SP
My Desert Serenade SPA3 6761-12
Wisdom Of The Ages SPA3 6760-05
Kismet SPA3 6758-05
Hey Little Girl SPA3 6759-05

February 26, 1965 RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tessessee

Golden Coins SPA3 6753-SP
Animal Instinct SPA3 6757-06
Harem Holiday (Track & Original Vocals) ____-02
Go East Young Man (Track) ____-03
Mirage (Track) ____-05

Elvis Presley posed with one of his cars outside Graceland in this photograph published March 7, 1965.

Above - Elvis Presley posed with one of his cars outside Graceland in this photograph published March 7, 1965 in the first issue of Mid-South, the now-defunct Sunday magazine of The Commercial Appeal.

Elvis complained of the long sessions with photographers making movie publicity stills: 'I try to cut the time down to three or four hours, but sometimes you have to pose for six or eight.

A man only has so many different smiles, and I don't have many'.

March 9, 1965 RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tessessee

Harem Holiday (Vocal Overdub) SPA3 6755-SP
Go East Young Man (Vocal Overdub) SPA3 6751-SP
Mirage (Vocal Overdub) SPA3 6756-SP

March 18, 1965 RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tessessee

Tomorrow Night (Overdub) SPA4 2331

April, 1965 -- In what would have to be Elvis' worst year in terms of recording nothing but substandard movie songs, Crying In The Chapel is released and is a #3 hit.

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