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Elvis Presley Lyrics Words & Music by Sid Wayne / Sherman Edwards Elvis Presley Lyrics

Beware of a gal in britches
Never trust no gal in britches
If you had a sense of this here horse
You would have known it by now of course
Who wears the britches is the boss
That's a gal, that's a gal in britches

Don't mess with a gal in britches
No feminine gal wears britches
She'll beg you to come to the country dance
You ride twenty miles for the big romance
She shows up in her brother's pants
What'd you expect from a girl in britches

Yo-di-o-di-o-i-ay, It's none of my misfortune
Yo-di-o-di-o-di-ay, Just thought you'd like to know
Don't marry no gal in britches
You'll never know which is which's
She'll put a halter through your nose
Have you cooking and washing clothes
While she goes chasing them buffaloes
Bet your boots, that's a gal in britches.

Recorded: 1960/08/08, first released on A Legendary Performer, Volume 3

Elvis Presleys Movies Recorded for the movie Flaming Star

July 11, 1960 - Rock and roll king Elvis Presley hugged singer Anita Wood close early yesterday on a clinging  ride called 'The Rocket' at the Fairgrounds Amusement Park Elvis Presley Photos in an after-midnight fun spree. Elvis rented the park from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. and invited about 75 friends to help him kick up his heels.

August / September, Elvis records and films for his sixth movie, Flaming Star, a drama with limited music. Elvis plays the son of a white father and a Native American mother, torn between the two cultures in the 1800's.

The film co-stars Barbara Eden.

August 8, 1960 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Black Star WPA5 2502-13
Black Star (Ending) ____-05
Black Star (Composite) ____-SP
Black Star (End Title Version) WPA5 2510-06
Summer Kisses Winter Tears M2PB 1986-20
Britches (Track) ____-01
Britches (Vocal Overdub) ____-07
Britches (Vocal Overdub - Insert) ____-01
Britches (Composite) SPA3 6744-SP
A Cane & A High Starched Collar ____-06
A Cane & A High Starched Collar (Insert) ____-06
A Cane & A High Starched Collar (Composite) SPA3 6743-SP
Summer Kisses Winter Tears (Movie Version - Track) ____-01
Summer Kisses Winter Tears (Movie Version - Vocal Overdub) ____-

August 11, 1960 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Summer Kisses Winter Tears (Movie Version - Overdub) WPA5 2546-01

October 7, 1960 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Flaming Star M2PB 1987-06
Flaming Star (End Title Version) WPA5 2547-SP

October 16, Elvis breaks his finger playing touch football at Graceland. Elvis was first treated first at Campbell Clinic, where doctors decided to transfer him to the hospital because they didn't have enough space to accommodate the anticipated large number of visitors. His touch football teammates and Anita Wood, disk jockey and Elvis' frequent companion when he is in Memphis, accompanied him to the hospital.

Elvis breaks his finger playing touch football at Graceland, Elvis visits a hospital and goes home after spending one night, declaring 'I Don't Have Any Business in a Hospital'
Elvis breaks his finger playing touch football at Graceland, Elvis visits a hospital and goes home
after spending one night, declaring 'I Don't Have Any Business in a Hospital'

Elvis spends one night in Hospital, declaring 'I don't have any business in a Hospital' and checking out the following morning. Elvis said, 'I don't mind hospitals - this one is really fine - but I don't have any business here. Things like this happen every day. I'm ready to get out of here'. To prove his point he accommodated a student nurse by signing his autograph with his right hand - the one on which the little finger was broken.

Explaining how he came to break his finger, Elvis said 'I got my man, too - and he was just a step or two away from a touchdown. I dived for him, see, and after tagging him my hand landed in some mud and buried up in it'.

'At first I didn't notice it - it didn't hurt me at all - until one of the fellows told me the little finger was bent all the way over the other fingers'. No, it won't affect my strumming a guitar.

I don't know how long I'll have to wear the cast - just a few days, I think'.

Elvis was dressed and ready to leave the hospital but his doctors were wanting him to stay another 24 hours. Elvis himself was more concerned about a slight cold and a sore throat he had today.

'My ice pack melted and the water spilled on me somehow' he said'.I'm also still groggy from the sodium pentothal they used when they set my finger. It sure knocked me out'.

Through out the night and morning, a steady procession of registered nurses, student nurses and nurses aides - young and old - filed into Elvis' room to take his temperature, check his pulse, give him a hypo to put him to sleep, ask what he wanted for breakfast - and ask for his autograph

The hospital posted a guard at the door to keep other visitors out.

The rock'n'roll king had a hospital breakfast of oat-meal and bananas while he waited for his doctor's word on whether he could be discharged. Elvis was discharged at 11:30 a.m.

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