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Elvis Presley Lyrics Words & Music by J.Crane / A. Jacobs Elvis Presley Lyrics

I'm so hurt to think that you lied to me
I'm hurt way down deep inside of me
You said our love was true
And we'll never, never part
Now you've got someone new
And it breaks my heart

I'm hurt, much more than you'll ever know
Yes darling, I'm so hurt
Because I still love you so
Even though you hurt me
Like nobody else could ever do
I would never hurt, hurt you

Recorded: 1976/02/05, first released on single

January 20, 1975, In reporting the story of Elvis generosity to his police friends it is said that Denver television newsman Don Kinney jokes on air that he'd like a car, too and that Elvis buys him a Seville. 'Elvis, if you're watching - I wouldn't mind getting a car too'. Articles about Elvis Presley Don Kinney contradicts this and tells his story.

February 2 / 3, 1976 The Jungle Room, Graceland, Memphis

Elvis has a week of recording sessions in the den at Graceland, with RCA bringing in mobile recording equipment. Songs from this will comprise the forthcoming album From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee and over half of the forthcoming Moody Blue album.

Bitter They Are Harder They Fall FWA5 0665-07
She Thinks I Still Care FWA5 0666-17
The Last Farewell FWA5 0667-SP

February 3 / 4, 1976 The Jungle Room, Graceland, Memphis

Solitaire FWA5 0668-11

February 4 / 5, 1976 The Jungle Room, Graceland, Memphis

Moody Blue FWA5 0669-10
I'll Never Fall In Love Again FWA5 0670-09

February 5 / 6, 1976 The Jungle Room, Graceland, Memphis

For The Heart FWA5 0671-08
Hurt FWA5 0672-07
Danny Boy FWA5 0673-10

February 6 / 7, 1976 The Jungle Room, Graceland, Memphis

Never Again FWA5 0674-14
Love Coming Down FWA5 0675-05

February 7 / 8, 1976 The Jungle Room, Graceland, Memphis

America The Beautiful ____-02
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain FWA5 0676-05

On Tour March 1976

Back on the concert circuit for the first time since July 1975, Elvis Presley's 16th tour throughout the States was a very short one and started with some confusion. Glen Hardin resigned and James Burton and Ronnnie Tutt indicated that they would leave as well. At the last minute Burton returned, the others were replaced.

James Burton had threatened to leave the band, unless he was given a raise. Parker refused at first, but Elvis agreed… raising not only Burton's, but all fees. Shane Kiester had replaced Glen D. Hardin on keyboards, and Larry Londin sat in for Ronnie Tutt, who joined the Grateful Dead. After just 8 shows, Kiester chose a career of his own and in April he quit the band leaving the keyboards to Tony Brown.

After the first show, Elvis made it clear that he was 'not amused' with the lack of security on and off stage. Later that day, local police officers managed to pull down a few female fans from the fire ladder outside the hotel - they had climbed the ladder in a futile attempt to see a glimpse of Elvis in his hotel room.

October 29-30, 1976

Continuation of recording in the den at Graceland.

October 29 / 30, 1976 The Jungle Room, Graceland, Memphis

It's Easy For You FWA5 1048-02
Way Down FWA5 1049-02
Pledging My Love FWA5 1050-06

October 30 / 31, 1976 The Jungle Room, Graceland, Memphis

There's A Fire Down Below (Track) FWA5 1051-NA
He'll Have To Go (Track) FWA5 1052-02

October 31, 1976 The Jungle Room, Graceland, Memphis

He'll Have To Go (V.O.) FWA5 1052-NA

Early November, 1976

Elvis and Linda Thompson, his steady girlfriend since 1972, split up.

November 23, Jerry Lee Lewis appears at the gates of Graceland Articles about Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Photos in the early hours of the morning, waving a gun and demanding to see Elvis. According to the Memphis Press-Scimitar, 'Witnesses were quoted as saying [he] was screaming and cursing ... and police reported the singer was sitting in his car with a loaded .38 caliber derringer resting on his knee when they arrived'. This is the second night in a row that Lewis has shown up, telling Elvis' cousin Harold Loyd that he and Elvis have been trying to get together for a long time.

Elvis watches the whole drama on closed-circuit monitors.

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