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Startin' Tonight

Elvis Presley Lyrics Words & Music by L. Rosenblatt / V. Williams Elvis Presley Lyrics

Michigan State, MTI
Harvard University
Vassar, Wellesley and Brown
Shakin' up this here town tonight
Startin' tonight
Have a ball do it all startin' tonight

Grab your partner by the hand,
Spread a blanket on the sand
Three a.m. go for a swim
Clothes and all jump right in
Tonight, startin' tonight
Let out the stops, call the cops, it's all right

'Course when the cops have come and gone
You'll just keep carrying on
Don't you worry if you land in jail
We'll forward your mail if you can't make bail
Tonight, startin' tonight
Have a ball do it all startin' tonight
Anything goes, everything goes, startin' tonight
Startin' tonight.

Recorded: 1964/06/12, first released on Girl Happy

Elvis Presleys Movies From the movie Girl Happy

March 6, Kissin' Cousins opens nationally. One of the poorest quality films of his career, it still quickly hits number eleven at the box office, then quickly falls, and the album goes top ten.

May 17, Viva Las Vegas opens nationally and goes to number eight at the box office

It's one of the better Elvis movies of this period, and the songs are better as well.

June 10, 1964 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Puppet On A String SPA3 2010-11
The Meanest Girl In Town SPA3 2008-13
Girl Happy ____-13
Girl Happy (Insert #1 - Ending) ____-04
Girl Happy (Original Composite) ____-SP

June 11, 1964 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Cross My Heart & Hope To Die SPA3 2007-SP
Spring Fever SPA3 2002-24
Do Not Disturb SPA3 2006-36
I've Got To Find My Baby (Track) ____-02
Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce (Track) ____-07

June 12, 1964 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Startin' Tonight (Track) ____-03
Do The Clam (Track) ____-05
Wolf Call (Track) ____-08
Girl Happy (End Title) ____-NA
Girl Happy (Composite - Speeded Up) SPA3 2001-SP
Spring Fever (Movie Version) ____-SP

June 15, 1964 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Wolf Call (Vocal Overdub - Edit) SPA3 2005-05
Do The Clam (Vocal Overdub) SPA3 2009-02
Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce (V.O. - Edit) SPA3 2003-02
Startin' Tonight (Vocal Overdub - Edit) SPA3 2004-04
I've Got To Find My Baby (Vocal Overdub - Edit) SPA3 2011-01

November 11, Roustabout opens nationally and hits number eight at the box office. The soundtrack goes to number one on the Billboard pop album chart as it represents some of the best Elvis movie music in a while.

December 25, Elvis and Priscilla spend Christmas at Graceland.

December 31, Elvis rents out the Memphian for New Years Eve.

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