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Stay Away

Elvis Presley Lyrics Words & Music by Sid Tepper / Roy C. Bennett Elvis Presley Lyrics

Ten thousand miles even though I roam
I can hear the call of the hills of home
The canyons high and the valleys low
Echo 'How can you stay away'

My dreams are there where the eagle flies
Where the mountain tops seem to touch the sky
The winding streams and the winds that blow
Ask me 'How can you stay away'

Far too long have I stayed apart
From this land that I love and divide my heart
Now, now I know I must go
Where the hills say 'Don't stay away'
Where the hills say 'Don't stay away'

Recorded: 1968/01/16, first released on single

Elvis Presleys Movies From the movie Stay Away, Joe

January 15, 1968 RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tennessee

Too Much Monkey Business WPA4 1800-12
Going Home WPA1 1001-30

January 16, 1968 RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tennessee

Stay Away WPA1 1002-15

January 17, 1968 RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tennessee

U.S. Male WPA4 1807-12

Elvis, Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley
Elvis, Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley
Elvis on Plane From Hawaii - June 2
Elvis on Plane From Hawaii - June 2
Elvis on Plane From Hawaii - June 2

February 1, 1968, Priscilla gives birth to Lisa Marie Presley Elvis Presley Video New page link nine months to the day after her marriage to Elvis. It is a time of great happiness. The King's little Princess, who was often called Injun, Yisa, or Buttonhead by her father, was treated to a life of luxury at the 14-acre estate known as Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

Elvis Presley Photos Elvis Presley Check from February 1968 for a Colt Python pistol

March 7, 1968 Western Recorders - Hollywood, California

Wonderful World WPA1 5768-17
Edge Of Reality WPA1 5769-08
A Little Less Conversation WPA1 5767-16
Almost In Love (Track) ____-04

March 11, 1968 Western Recorders - Hollywood, California

Almost In Love (Vocal Overdub) WPA1 5766-03

April 4, Martin Luther King is assassinated in Memphis, an event which Elvis takes just as hard as John F. kennedy's assassination five years earlier - but more personally because it happened in his hometown.

Dr. Kings 'I Have A Dream' speech is one of Elvis' favourite rhetorical pieces, something he recites often over the years.

April 6, Elvis and Priscilla go to Las Vegas where they catch Tom Jones' midnight show at the Flamingo.

May 1, Elvis and Priscilla's 1st wedding anniversary.

May 18, Elvis, Priscilla and Lisa Marie with Charlie Hodge, the Gambills and the Esposito's, fly to Hawaii.

June 2, Elvis, Priscilla and their party return to Los Angeles.

After all the passengers were seated Elvis and his party were secretly seated in the first class cabin. In the coach section of the plane was a singing group called The Young Americans who were returning from entertaining the troops in Vietnam. Apparently drawn by the impromptu harmonizing of the group, Elvis suddenly stepped through the curtain from first class with a cigar between his fingers and a drink in his hand.

The shocked passengers and the young singers quickly gathered and requested autographs. Someone obviously took some photographs!

June 3, Elvis looking tanned and fit, reports to the Binder-Howe offices on Sunset for the start of two weeks of informal rehearsals for the '68 Special.

June 6, Robert Kennedy dies after being shot in Los Angeles.

Elvis' heartfelt reaction to yet another assassination impels Steve Binder Elvis Presley Video New page link to ask songwriter Earl Brown to compose a closing number for the '68 Comeback Special that will capture something of Elvis sentiments.

June 17, Elvis reports to rehearsals at the NBC Studios in California.

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