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This Is My Heaven

Elvis Presley Lyrics Words & Music by Giant / Baum / Kaye Elvis Presley Lyrics

This is my heaven
Being here with you
Make it last forever
This is my heaven
It's a dream come true
Make it last forever
Come to me now
And take my hand
This is the paradise I plan
You're like an angel
Sent from up above
Let's stay close together
You brought me heaven
When I shared your love
Make it last forever
Here 'neath the sky beside the sea
This is my heaven
When you come to me

Recorded: 1965/07/27, first released on Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Elvis Presleys Movies From the movie Paradise, Hawaiian Style

July 26, 1965 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Drums Of The Islands (Track) ____-02
Datin' (Track) ____-02
Scratch My Back (Track) ____-04

July 27, 1965 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Stop Where You Are (Track) ____-09
A Dogs Life (Track) ____-05
This Is My Heaven (Track) ____-05
Paradise Hawaiian Style (Track) ____-08
House Of Sand (Track) ____-07
House Of Sand (Track - Part) ____-02
House Of Sand (Track - Part) ____-02
House Of Sand (Track - Composite) ____-SP
Queenie Wahinie's Papaya (Track) ____-03

August 2, 1965 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Drums Of The Islands (Vocal Overdub) ____-06
Drums Of The Islands (Tag Ending - Vocal Overdub) ____-03
Drums Of The Islands (Composite) TPA3 3837-SP
This Is My Heaven (Vocal Overdub) TPA3 3838-SP
Sand Castles ____-10

August 3, 1965 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Sand Castles (Vocal Overdub) ____-01
Sand Castles (Choral Overdub) TPA3 3839-02
Scratch My Back (Vocal Overdub) TPA3 3840-02
Stop Where You Are (Vocal Overdub) ____-03
Stop Where You Are (Tag - Vocal Overdub) ____-09
Stop Where You Are (Composite) TPA3 3841-SP
House Of Sand (Vocal Overdub) TPA3 3842-01

August 4, 1965 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

House Of Sand (Movie Opening) ____-07
House Of Sand (Part) ____-01
House Of Sand (Movie Version - Composite) ____-SP
A Dogs Life (Vocal Overdub) ____-06
Datin' (Vocal Overdub) TPA3 3843-14
Queenie Wahinie's Papaya (Vocal Overdub) ____-06
Queenie Wahinie's Papaya (Open - Vocal Overdub) ____-02
Queenie Wahinie's Papaya (Composite) TPA3 3834-SP
Queenie Wahinie's Papaya (Vocal Overdub) TPA3 3835-SP
A Dogs Life (Vocal Overdub) TPA3 3836-09

Elvis Presley Hawaii 1965
Elvis Presley Hawaii 1965

August. 5, Elvis flew to Hawaii for location shooting for teh movie 'Paradise Hawaiian Style'. Much of the shooting for this film was done on location.

While there, Elvis, his father Vernon Presley and manager Colonel Tom Parker visited the U.S.S.. Arizona Memorial, which Elvis' benefit concert in 1961 had helped to build. Together they laid a bell-saped wreath with 1,177 carnations - one for each serviceman lost there in December 1945 during the attack on Pearl Harbor. A party was given on August 18, 1965 at the Polynesian Cultural Center in honor of the film. Singer Peter Noone of the group Herman's Hermits interviewed Elvis there.

Production on the film moved back to the mainland and a few days later on August 27, Elvis meets The Beatles Elvis Presley Photos at his house on Perugia Way in Bel Air. Elvis looked so phenomenal that night. He used to wear these bolero shirts and had them in every colour, expect brown. He hated brown! He wearing a blue shirt that night. We all went to the den and all of a sudden we heard screaming, like thunder, as if a bomb went off. The front door opened and outside there were thousands of fans everywhere. The word had got out. What we heard was the front door open as The Beatles walked in! The Beatles came in with Brian Epstein, their manager. They walked up to Elvis and were introduced, and Elvis sits down on the chair. The Beatles all sit down on the floor right in front of Elvis, in a semi-circle, and they look up and they are just gaping & staring at him. There's this dead silence in the room until Elvis says, 'Well, what-the-hell, if you guys aren’t going to talk to me I’m going to my bedroom'. And then everyone started to laugh and that broke the ice.

Elvis Presley meets The Beatles - Elvis and John Lennon can be seen in this photo.
Elvis Presley meets The Beatles - Elvis and John Lennon can be seen in this photo

October 11, 1965 RCA Studio B - New York, New York

Santa Lucia (Overdub) SPA1 6893
Santa Lucia (Overdub) SPA1 6898

Elvis Presley Photos Elvis Presley on a go cart racing up the driveway of Graceland October 12, 1965.

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