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Shaking Them Up CD from SR label

The forthcoming release from the 'SR' label is titled 'Shaking Them Up' and will feature the unreleased show from Jacksonville April 16, 1972 as.

Ken Berryhill : The Blackwood Brothers turned Elvis down

Video, Ken Berryhill met Elvis when he was producer and director of the Blackwood Brothers Show. Ken shares the story of how The Blackwood Brothers turned Elvis down when he wanted to join their quartet.
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My twin brother... Pelvis Presley

April 3, 1956 is the date of Elvis' debut appearance on the Milton Berle Show. The show was broadcast live from the deck of the USS Hancock on NBC while docked at the Naval Air Base in San Diego, California. As part of the show, Elvis also performed a comedy sketch with Milton Berle who acted as Elvis' twin brother Melvin. OK, so most likely you know this. But what you probably did not know was Elvis, as this recently discovered original script for that TV show indicates, Milton Berle actually wanted to name Elvis' twin brother 'Pelvis Presley'. Elvis refused and the name was appropriately changed to 'Melvin', leaving the rest of the comedy sketch untouched.
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Elvis Presley : The British HMV Singles '56-'57 PINK Vinyl release

Vee-Tone Records will will release 2 versions of Elvis Presley : 'Love Me The British HMV Singles '56-'57'. Just announced is a Pink Vinyl to be released May 16. 'Elvis Presley : The British HMV Singles '56-'57' is a 12" album, limited to 500 copies, bringing together in chronological order, all of Elvis’ electrifying and now highly collectible British HMV singles released between March 1956 and March 1957.
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Elvis Presley : 'Love Me The British HMV Singles '56-'57' 12" Vinyl LP

Hot on the heals of the recent release of 'Such A Night : Rockin' In The Early 60s', Vee-Tone Records will next release, 'Elvis Presley : The British HMV Singles '56 - '57' on April 20. This is a 12" album bringing together in chronological order, all of Elvis’ electrifying and now highly collectible British HMV (His Masters Voice) singles released between March 1956 and March 1957. This limited edition of only 500 copies. Quality 180g black vinyl : Printed colour inner sleeve : Liner notes : Stunning artwork : Contains all 8 singles from between March '56 to March '57 in chronological order : 500 Limited Edition.
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'Good 'n' Country' CD

'Good 'n' Country' is a sublime late 60's and 70's country album, full of rare versions, live recordings and outtakes. The CD, to be released this month, is housed in a Digipack with Rare Full Color Pictures.

'The Essential Undubbed Masters' CD

'The Essential Undubbed Masters' CD, for the first time the most essential undubbed recordings. The CD, to be released this month, is in a Digipack with Rare Full Color Pictures and contains all edited to full versions, without the studio banter and/or false starts. All tracks are unreleased in this form.

Review : Elvis Presley Flaming Star Blu-ray

Hot on the heels of their Blu-ray release of Follow That Dream, Twilight Time is back with another Elvis Presley vehicle, 1960's Flaming Star. This spiffy new Blu-ray, which boasts an excellent transfer, is strictly limited to 3,000 copies. Director Don Siegel tackled this Western several years after gritty '50s classics like 'Riot in Cell Block 11' (1954) and 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' (1956), but this was more than a decade before his iconic 'Dirty Harry'. Make no mistake, this is no Elvis Presley musical lark; The King meant business with this one. He knocks out a novelty tune early on, presumably to satisfy those who simply couldn't bear the thought of a Presley movie without tunes, but otherwise he is here to act. Technical merits of this release are generally very good, and Flaming Star comes Recommended.
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Lizabeth Scott has died

Lizabeth Scott, who starred in 'Loving You' with Elvis (she played a press agent who discovers a young country singer) passed away at the age of 92. Scott, who also starred as a gangster's wife opposite Humphrey Bogart in Dead Reckoning (1947), died Jan. 31 of congestive heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, her friend Mary Goodstein told the Los Angeles Times.
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Mimmye Goode remembers meeting Elvis Presley Ellis Auditorium 1954

Mimmye Goode remembers meeting Elvis Presley Ellis Auditorium 1954.
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'This Is Elvis' FTD Expanded Edition, Classic Album Format 2 CD

FTD will release an extended soundtrack of the 'This Is Elvis' movie in March 2015. What accounted for his undeniable mystique? The answer is contained in a remarkable biography, written on film instead of the printed page - This Is Elvis - a David L. Wolper Production of an Andrew Solt/Malcolm Leo Film for Warner Bros. release. Written, directed and produced by Solt and Leo (best known for their television special Heroes OF Rock and Roll). The film follows innovations first introduced by producer Wolper, whose 650 films include the Emmy-winning Roots and the Oscar winning The Hellstrom Chronicle. With the unprecedented cooperation of those who best new Presley, the film combines rare, never-before-seen footage, privately owned kinescopes from TV's early years, remarkable outtakes from Presley's movies and accurate recreations of pivotal moments in his life.
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'Rock Around The Bloch' deluxe hardback book + CD from FTD

Follow That Dream (FTD) will release 'Rock Around The Bloch' (Book/CD) a deluxe hardback book with 288 pages and 100 unpublished photographs in March. By David English and Pål Granlund published by FTD books the set includes a CD with a newly-remastered recording of Elvis' performance at the Bloch Arena, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on March 25, 1961 and a newly-discovered recording of the complete press conference and awards ceremony held on March 25, 1961.
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Elvis Now .. And Again FTD double LP Vinyl Set

Follow That Dream (FTD) will release 'Elvis Now ... and Again' a 180 gram vinyl LP release featuring an alternative extended version of the original album. Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, it includes mainly outtakes. Hey Jude is omitted as it will feature on a forthcoming at American Sound vinyl release.
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Three New FTD Releases For March

Follow That Dream (FTD) will release 'This Is Elvis' (2CD), 'Rock Around The Bloch' (Book/CD) and 'Elvis Now .. And Again' (2-LP Vinyl) in March. This Is Elvis provides an extended and enhanced soundtrack to the legendary 1981 movie. 'FTD Books' presents 'Rock Around The Bloch', a deluxe hardback book with 288 pages and 100 unpublished photographs. It includes a CD with newly-mastered audio from the show on March 25, 1961. Elvis Now ... and Again features an alternative extended version of the original album. On 180 gram vinyl and mastered at Abbey Road Studios, it includes mainly outtakes. Note: Hey Jude is omitted as it will feature on a forthcoming Elvis at American Sound vinyl release.
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Review : He Didn't Come Back ... We Did + The Complete On Tour Outtakes DVDs

I just had the chance to finish up watching the new DVD release, Elvis : He Didn't Come Back ... We Did. I just love seeing 'That's The Way It Is' material in this kind of quality without the big, annoying 'Property of Turner' text on the screen. The small type on the 'On Tour' material is the way to go and so much less obtrusive. 'Elvis : He Didn't Come Back ... We Did' DVD contains nearly 100 minutes of further outtakes from 'That's The Way It Is' & 'Elvis on Tour' and contains unreleased material from both [as well as some we have had before but with different camera angles] and also for first time in original widescreen.

'Elvis: The New Recordings' CD

'Elvis: The New Recordings' CD is unlike any other CD available! 'Elvis: The New Recordings' (an import), consists of 26 NEW overdubs (2015) of some of Mr. Presley's best tracks - both well known and obscure. Produced by Larry Jordan (who has done overdubs on stars ranging from Patsy Cline to Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney and Jim Reeves - the latter of whom had a #1 this past summer in Europe from one of Jordan's overdubs) - the new Elvis offering features stunning sound quality and top musicianship.
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'Elvis Presley From St. Paul To Fort Wayne' Hardcover book from JAT

JAT Productions will release a new photo book, 'Elvis Presley From St. Paul To Fort Wayne' at the end of February. This photo journal covers Elvis' appearances in St. Paul, Minnesota in October, 1974 and his appearance in Fort Wayne, Indiana on October 25, 1976. There will be roughly 120 unpublished photos.

Interview with Ginger Alden

Ginger Alden is of course known in the Elvis World as the woman who shared his last few months with him. Late in 2014, after years of keeping silent about their relationship, she released 'ELVIS AND GINGER: Elvis Presley's Fiancée and Last Love Finally Tells Her Story'. The book has been received warmly by fans and the general public, and went to No.1 on the New York Times Bestseller list. Here she speaks with Scott Jenkins about her life with Elvis, the book and more.
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Review : 'Elvis: King of Entertainment' DVD

'Elvis: King of Entertainment' DVD is one of the most comprehensive documentaries of the King's history. It starts during the war years and documents the influence the local charismatic churches had on his life. A great deal of the video coverage is a first for Elvis fans. The account then continues on through his meteoric climb to fame, shows TV footage not seen before and continues on through his movie career to his return as a live entertainer enchanting the world.
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'Elvis Love Songs' 3 CD Set (Featuring 75 classic Elvis Presley love songs)

'Elvis Love Songs', a new 3 CD set featuring 75 classic tracks will be released at the end of January. The King will always be affiliated first and foremost with the swinging hips of his Rock N Roll days, when he emerged as a star that would change the course of pop music, yet his ability to sing songs of love is second to none. Witness his unrivalled passion and tenderness across 3 discs of classic love songs.
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'Elvis & Nixon’ Filming with a Big Cast

Two American icons meet as 'Elvis & Nixon' goes into production and fills out its cast with five new names. Michael Shannon ('Boardwalk Empire' and 'Take Shelter') and Kevin Spacey are already in place to play rock'n'roll superstar Elvis Presley and US President Richard Nixon.
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'Loose As A Goose!' double-digipak CD release from Straight Arrow

To be released soon on the Straight Arrow label is the double-digipak CD release, 'Loose As A Goose!', featuring the August 19th, 1970 Las Vegas dinner and midnight shows. These recordings were first released in 1998 ('Double Dynamite' set) and were never re-released - until now.

'Uniondale Hysteria' CD Uniondale, June 22, 1973 8.00 PM Show

The MxF label will release soon the first volume of a trilogy dedicated to Elvis' historical performance at Uniondale Nassau Coliseum. This first cd is entitled 'Uniondale Hysteria', featuring the Uniondale, June 22, 1973 8.00 PM Show.

'Doin' The Best I Can' 2CD set from Straight Arrow label

To be released soon on the Straight Arrow label is the 2CD set 'Doin' The Best I Can', featuring two shows recorded on February 16. Most Elvis experts agree that the 'post Aloha' winter engagement was his weakest up to that point. Perhaps his inner turmoils played a role, but a rather severe throat infection most definitely did. It was so serious that midnight shows on Feb. 13, 14 and 15 ended up getting cancelled and dinner shows were performed against doctors advice. At some of the shows it was clear that the infection seriously hampered his ability to sing.

'Moving Forward' CD from 'SR' label

The forthcoming release from the 'SR' label is titled 'Moving Forward' and will feature the unreleased show from Las Vegas February 22, 1970 ds.

'The Last Farewell' 5 CD box set, 1976 Graceland sessions

'The Last Farewell' is a new 5 CD box set in a pewter box including a book of 80 pages (28 by 28 cm) with unseen photo's, never published before. The set contains the complete masters and outtakes from the 1976 Graceland sessions in 'Superb Sound Quality', better than ever thought possible. The set is limited to 1000 copies and will be release date end of February, but probably pre-sold-out well before.

Ultimate Elvis : The Complete & Definitive Recording Sessions

Weighing in at 10.5kg (23 pounds) the just released 3 volume book set, 'Ultimate Elvis : The Complete & Definitive Recording Sessions' is a never to be repeated 'event'. This massive set is in a beautiful slipcase and is LIMITED to only 2000 copies and comprises all the recording session details, ... It also includes detailed discographies, reviews of every single, EP and album release, original release dates ... And as you have come to expect from 'The Elvis Files', the icing on the cake is 1500 stunning photographs.
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Elvis 80th Anniversary Special Edition 2 CD from Sony Netherlands

Sony Netherlands have released 'Elvis Presley 80th Anniversary' a Limited Special Edition 2 CD to mark the Kings 80th birthday. The set contains 49 tracks and is full of great 'memories' and greatest hits.
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The Real ... Elvis Presley : The 60s Collection 3 CD Box Set

The Real ... Elvis Presley : The 60s Collection 3 CD Box Set is in a deluxe 3 panel digipack, looking nice it features 49 songs, several of 'Elvis'' hits, several much loved and remembered 'B-Sides' along with album and Movie tracks. This is a great reflection of the many many memories we have of the 60's from the 'King' ... Glancing down the play-list; 'Return to Sender' was a number '1' hit for the King way back in 1962 ...'Follow That Dream' primarily from his movie of the same name, did chart for him as an E.P with songs from the film reaching number '34' again back in 1962 ...'Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello' was in fact a 'B-Side' to 'She's Not You' a number '1' hit, also in 1962, then From a Jack to A King' primarily an album-track for 'Elvis' (A Chart topper from Roger Miller) ... 'Kiss Me Quick' another movie song did chart for Elvis in 1963 reaching number '14'; ... A Great addition to a music collection.
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Elvis Presley 80th : Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

By our time-zone today is January 8, and it is 80 years since the King was born, we have for you today a home recording with Elvis singing 'Happy, Happy, Birthday Baby!'
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Elvis' jets to be auctioned

Well it seems it is on for real, a Beverly Hills auction house began accepting bids Friday for Elvis Presley's former personal planes, the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II. The auction appeared to dump cold water on a social media-fuelled campaign pleading with Graceland operators to keep the planes on display, as they've been for 30 years. Graceland's new owners stirred controversy last April by moving to end a joint venture with the planes' owners, a Tennessee-based group called OKC Partnership. Graceland notified OKC that the planes had to be removed from Graceland on or shortly after April 26, 2015. AND words are flying between fans and EPE, and Priscilla has again responded to the criticism.

Joe Guercio, Elvis' long-time conductor and musical director has died

Confirmed : Joe Guercio, Elvis' long-time conductor and musical director has died. He was hospitalised recently after a fall and sadly died due to complications. Joe passed quietly with family and friends by his side. Joe Guercio has enjoyed a prolific career, but he is probably best known and admired for his work with Elvis Presley. He was musical director and conductor for Elvis' concert shows from the summer of 1970 to the summer of 1977 when Elvis made his last concert appearance.
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Donna Douglas (Frankie and Johnny) passed away

Donna Douglas, who starred opposite Elvis Presley in the 1966 film 'Frankie and Johnny', has died at age 81, her family said on Friday. She is best known to the public for her role as pretty tomboy Elly May Clampett on the hit 1960s sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies. Douglas died on Thursday of pancreatic cancer at a hospital in Baton Rouge, her niece Charlene Smith said.
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Rock Around The Bloch!' coming soon from FTD

Happy new year and here is the first news ... Coming soon from FTD, 'Rock Around The Bloch!'.
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Released : Elvis On Tour 1970 Vol. 2 Hardcover Book

The new book 'Elvis On Tour 1970 Vol. 2'  is without a doubt THE very best book ever on this important part of Elvis' seventies career. 1970 was the year when the Elvis Road Show hit 'the road' again, and this wonderful book gives details about the second half of that year. Combined with Volume 1, this is a must-have set for every Seventies-junkie. And we're not the only ones to praise the book, see below for more:
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Christmas With Elvis : A Cool Yule

This year we have for you a special image, from Elvis and the Colonel, as published in 'Billboard', December 29, 1956 and our modified version, along with video and photos of Elvis at Christmas, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. [And much more Elvis in 2015!] The arrival of winter at Graceland was always special time of year. It meant the holiday season was fast approaching and the anticipation of all the fun things the season would bring, including decorating for Christmas, opening Christmas presents with friends and family, the annual New Year's Eve party, Elvis' birthday, building snowmen in the front yard of Graceland and more.
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Released : 'Elvis' Christmas Album' and 'Flaming Star' FTD Classic Albums

FTD have released 'Elvis' Christmas Album' and 'Flaming Star' in the 'Classic Album' series.
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Here are our latest 2015 Elvis Calendar shop additions

Here are our latest 2015 Elvis Calendar shop additions, our favourite is the 'Elvis Is Back' LP record themed calendar, it even comes in a LP like sleeve, if you look closly at the bottom image below, you will see 2 Elvis magnets, holding this on a fridge door, all very practical --- and now while stocks last -- receive a free Elvis Jailhouse Rock magnet with the purchase of a 'Elvis Is Back' 2015 calendar.
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Remembering Elvis Back-up Singer Millie Kirkham

One of Elvis' most beloved back-up singers, Millie Kirkham, passed away on Sunday in Nashville. Millie, 91, suffered a stroke last week. Millie sang back-up for Elvis both in the studio and on the stage but she is perhaps best known for coming up with, and performing, the famous 'woo-ooh-ooh' part in 'Blue Christmas'. Elvis didn't want to record the song and told Millie and her fellow singers to sing something so silly that RCA would never release it. Of course, the song was released - and it's now a holiday classic.
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Elvis: City of Angels Hardcover Book & 2 CDs

In January 2015, Audionics will release something special. Titled 'Elvis: City of Angels' (Audionics 2015-01-2), this release consists of a 120-page hardback booktwo CDs, featuring both shows which Elvis performed on May 11th, 1974 at The Forum (Inglewood) in Los Angeles, CA. Audionics is aware that these shows were released before (by the Graceland Records label, 2007 and official Sony/FTD label, 2007). To bring out the ultimate sound quality, Audionics worked with direct transfers of the original mastertapes.