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Bicentennial Superstar Elvis Volume 2 (October 20, 1976) CD

Welcome to TNT Records' brandnew CD release, 'Bicentennial Superstar Elvis Volume 2'. Again with a little help from our friends at 'Audionics' - most likely THE premium and still active label when it comes to rare recordings in best possible sound - we decided to release Volume 2 of our very well received series 'Bicentennial Superstar'. It is going to be presented in our usual high quality standard. The recording is taken straight from the soundboard and there is a 16-page booklet containing all the information you need to know regarding the concert and the whole tour.

From Elvis In Murfreesboro 1975 CD

With a little help from our friends at 'Audionics' we are able to present another fine CD release by TNT Records - this time it's the show in Murfreesboro/Tennessee from May 7th 1975. Here we go with an audience recording concert (recorded from the soundboard) that has coincidentally its 10th year anniversary related to its first release on - you guessed it - Audionics. For this new release the guys from 'Audionics' have remastered their 2005 Version and out comes a significantly better sound - you will like it! The concert is COMPLETE and this is rare (if not unique!) for an SB recording from April/May 75.

Elvis Opening Night 1975 CD

AudiRec proudly presents: 'Elvis Opening Night 1975' a brand new CD Set which will be released shortly. It includes an audience recording of the complete performance from March 18, 1975 - well known as the 'Opening Night' for Elvis' March/April Las Vegas 75 Season.

Uniondale Hysteria, Second Day CD

The MxF label will release soon the second volume of a trilogy dedicated to Elvis' historical performance at Uniondale Nassau Coliseum. This second cd is entitled Uniondale Hysteria, Second Day, featuring the Uniondale, June 23, 1973 8.00 PM Show, audience recording.

Review : Moody Blue 2 CD Set from FTD

There's a great moment on CD-2 of the new FTD 'Moody Blue' release - two fabulous rehearsals of the funky 'Way Down' start the disc - with Elvis and his band joking amid jamming and a throbbing bass guitar. Take 1 is reminiscent in feel to the funky jam intro to, 'I Got A Feeling In My Body' (Elvis At Stax 3-CD). After the first breakdown, Elvis say's: 'When Briggs fingers start bleeding' see, we know we've got it!' Ronnie Tutt's thumping drums herald take 2A, followed by David Briggs electric piano, and Norbert Putnam's supercool bass - fabulous! Again Ernst Jorgensen and the Follow That Dream team deserve credit for this magnum opus - 'Moody Blue' is the sound of the mature Elvis. Most highly recommended.

FTD Delete (Have Sold Out) of 7 Titles

Follow That Dream (FTD) have recently sold out of the following title (meaning they are therefore deleted and unavailable); King Creole : The Music (book), King Creole Frame By Frame (book), In A Private MomentDragonheartPolk Salad AnnieHot August Night and Sold Out!.
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'Change Of Habit' Hardcover Book from FTD Books, Pål Granlund and David English

For release in May from Follow That Dream (FTD Books), Pål Granlund and David English is 'Change of Habit' a new deluxe hardback book with more than 450 pages and over 150 unpublished photos from the movie 'Change Of Habit', on the set, plus candids from the same period, it captures Elvis at his very best. The book will be the same size as the FTD release, 'Something for the Girls'. The book includes a bonus CD with the album 'Let's Be Friends' plus bonus ...
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King Creole FTD 2 CD Special Edition Classic Album

Follow That Dream (FTD) will release 'King Creole', continuing with their very popular 'Classic Album' series. This 2-CD set features the original RCA masters, unique Thorne Nogar live monitor mixes* many of which contain slates, and original song demos. It features a 16-page booklet featuring great photos, behind-the-scenes chronology and memorabilia. The CD will be released in May.
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'Elvis at American Sound, Memphis, Tennessee' 2 LP-Vinyl from FTD

FTD Vinyl will release 'Elvis at American Sound', a 2 LP audiophile grade 180gram vinyl set, mstered at Abbey Road, London, in May. 'Elvis at American Sound' completes the successful American Sound trilogy.
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Elvis' granddaughter on cover Vogue Australia

Riley Keough, the 25-year-old daughter of Lisa Marie Presley is featured on the cover of the May edition of Vogue magazine in Australia, with her best friend and supermodel and actress Abbey Lee Kershaw.

'A touch of Gold Lamé Coming soon from Erik Lorentzen (Elvis Files)

Erik Lorentzen (The Elvis Files) has announced a new book, 'Coming soon'. 'A touch of Gold Lamé' is completely dedicated to Elvis' 1957 concerts and his famous Gold Lamé suit.
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Elvis Files Volume 8

As many fans are waiting on the release of the Elvis Files Volume 7, expected in August, and as the last book in the series, news just in is that there will be now an eighth volume covering 1976-77 released in 2016, with volume 7 1974-75.
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Love The Album CD

Due for release this month is 'Love The Album' a special edition CD limited to 500 copies only, that features 31 great tracks including original masters, alternate and Original Mono single versions and includes 8 previously unreleased versions (by Elvis' Record Company) ...

Love The Blue Album CD

Due for release this month is 'Love The Blue Album', a special edition CD limited to 500 copies only, that features 30 great tracks including original masters, alternate and Original Mono single versions and includes 5 previously unreleased versions (by Elvis' Record Company).

'Steppin' Out Of Line : The Pot Luck Recording Sessions 1961-1962' 2 CD set

Due for release this month is 'Steppin' Out Of Line : The Pot Luck Recording Sessions 1961-1962' a special edition 2 CD set limited to 500 copies only from 'The Bootleg Series' with 58 great tracks, including the original Stereo and Mono album masters, outtakes (not released by Elvis' record company*) and Movie Versions from the 'Pot Luck' album all on one double CD. Includes a booklet with recording information. (*with the exception of the outtakes released on the 'Elvis For Everyone' FTD).

Behind the scenes at re-release My Happiness

On March 15 we reported that Jack White, an American musician, record producer, and occasional actor. bought the My Happiness of acetate at the Graceland auction on January 8 this year. Now the latest update we have is that on February 26, White took his $300,000 acetate to Alan Stoker, a specialist from Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame, to digital transfer the acetate. You can now view a video clip showing the beginning of the work, looking at and playing the acetate. White will release the acetate again for Record Store Day in America on April, 18, and later a 7" version will be released.
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Elvis planes moving?

Two airplanes once owned by Elvis Presley, 'The Lisa Marie' and 'Hound Dog II', could be moved from Graceland to a location down the street under a plan approved Thursday by a county board.
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Review : Elvis : Hot August Night : August 25, 1969 : Midnight Show

Elvis was in fine form on this 'Hot August Night' of the 25th of August 1969, a performance perhaps never to be beaten. For those that only read the summery of reviews, I can be quite clear, this concert is without doubt the best live recording released to-date of Elvis Presley in 1969, and is one of the best concerts Elvis Presley ever performed - both in sound quality and performance! Why? I could say, listen to it and you will agree, but I offer you an interesting fact, it was from this concert that RCA chose to use seven [7] of the tracks to make up the original 12 track 'Elvis In Person' album in 1969. This is 58% of the albums tracks. And this is from the good number of concerts recorded of which several have been released on CD by FTD. So crystal clear stereo sound and a great performance.

Puppies born at Graceland

A litter of puppies were born on Graceland property two weeks ago and had to be rescued Sunday morning, after one humane society was going to separate them from their mother ... In honor of their birth being on Graceland property, workers with the Tunica Humane Society decided to name the mother Priscilla and the black puppy with the white stomach Elvis.
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Review : Love Me Tender 2-CD 7" FTD classic soundtrack

Celebrating Elvis's first motion picture - Follow That Dream present 'Love Me Tender' in the 2-CD 7" classic soundtrack format -- and its stunning audio and visual content is highly impressive. The sound here is warm, detailed and full on the soundtracks original EP recordings.

Elvis' 1971 Stutz Blackhawk one week in Vegas

There is a one week exclusive exhibit at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas of Elvis' Stutz Blackhawk Car from 1971. Collectors and fans have the rare car which he purchased in September 1971. The car will be sold in May at the auction in New York. It was one of only 26 built as a 1971 production model.
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Interview with Anita Wood

Interview with with Anita Wood, Elvis' girlfriend during the whirlwind late 50's. Anita talks about meeting Elvis for the first time WHPQ radio television in Memphis 1957, dating, Elvis being drafted and his mothers reaction, Hollywood, Elvis Presley Jr, Natalie Wood and more.

Mary Tyler Moore talks about Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley MP3 Audio Mary Tyler Moore talks about Elvis Presley.
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Elvis Presley: Music & Memories Book / 4 DVDs

Elvis Presley: Music & Memories, a Hardcover Book / 4 DVD set will be released on May 19. 
This set contains four DVDs and offers a unique journey with one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century; Elvis Presley. Follow the man we call the King of Rock and Roll's career. We follow Presley on his carefree beginnings at Sun Records to global superstardom. In addition, to book offers a rare interview with the legendary Elvis-guitarist Scotty Moore, drummer DJ Fontana and many more!
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Interview with Donna Butterworth

Interview with Donna Butterworth who played Jan Kohana in Paradise Hawaiian Style.

Jack Lord and Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley and Jack Lord first met on January 14, 1973 following Elvis' triumphant Aloha From Hawaii television special. Elvis made special mention that Jack was in the audience which completely 'floored' the Lords., 'One of my favorite actors is in the audience, Jack Lord, I gotta say that, you know, Hawaii 5-0'. Afterwards, they went backstage and met Elvis for the first time, and met later at The Lords home facing the ocean on the Oahu side of the island. They met again on February 10, 1973 in Las Vegas.

Review : Elvis At American Sound Studio 2-CD Set

FTD's 'Elvis At American Sound Studio' 2-CD opens a door to the remarkable 1969 Memphis recording sessions. As a stand-alone release it includes the remaining songs not originally available on the landmark FTD albums', Back In Memphis' & 'From Elvis In Memphis' plus an additional thirty unreleased nuggets. Akin to admiring two beautiful paintings, and discovering a third, a clever compile results in a pleasing listen which augments the stellar Memphis 1969 recording sessions trilogy with aplomb.

Review : The Definitive Elvis Collection Volumes 1-8 DVDs

The dedication and labor that went into the production of 'The Definitive Elvis' is obvious. This presentation of Elvis' companions, loves, associates and fans is sensational. I found myself with so many emotions as I watched in anticipation. Like reading a fantastic book, to hard not to continue. I applaud and give five stars to the accomplishment of this sixteen hour masterpiece.
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Review : He Didn't Come Back ... We Did + The Complete On Tour Outtakes DVDs

I just had the chance to finish up watching the new DVD release, Elvis : He Didn't Come Back ... We Did. I just love seeing 'That's The Way It Is' material in this kind of quality without the big, annoying 'Property of Turner' text on the screen. The small type on the 'On Tour' material is the way to go and so much less obtrusive. 'Elvis : He Didn't Come Back ... We Did' DVD contains nearly 100 minutes of further outtakes from 'That's The Way It Is' & 'Elvis on Tour' and contains unreleased material from both [as well as some we have had before but with different camera angles] and also for first time in original widescreen.

Elvis, '68 Special Edition Vol. 1 DVD : Released

Many years ago, Elvis fans were delighted with videotape releases containing spectacular outakes of the famous '68 Comeback Special featuring sensational camera angles and performances of Elvis during one of his finest moments in his career. Over the years since, most of the footage has seen the light of day in various official releases. So why then this DVD production? Well, this DVD series takes the '68 Comeback Special to a whole new level, in a fantastic split screen production combining all the available footage and capturing all the excitement - making watching the '68 Comeback Special a whole new experience.

Jerry Reed and The Importance of Elvis Presleys Guitar Man Sessions

A look at Elvis' Guitar Man Sessions with Jerry Reed. Jerry Reed immediately took over the session, you can hear it from the first notes of the first take - Reed is coaching the musicians, encouraging them, egging them on, with Felton happy just to be presiding over some thing that is actually happening. There is a bright, shimmering surface to the music different in many respects from anything Elvis has ever recorded before but providing, at the same time, the kind of churning, driving rhythm that has characterized Elvis' music from the first. There is not the slightest question of Elvis' engagement. There is no self-deprecation, there is no wisecracking; all of the singer's attention is focused on the music. Completely updated.

In Stock : 'This Is Elvis' FTD Expanded Edition, Classic Album Format 2 CD

The FTD release of the extended soundtrack of the 'This Is Elvis' movie is now in stock, and looking cool still today 33 years after. With the unprecedented cooperation of those who best new Presley, the film combines rare, never-before-seen footage, privately owned kinescopes from TV's early years, remarkable outtakes from Presley's movies and accurate recreations of pivotal moments in his life.
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The Elvis Files Volume 7 (1974-77) due for release in August

The Elvis Files Volume 7 (1974-77) is due for release in August. This is the final volume of the Elvis Files story that chronicles Elvis' years on tour through the USA, the final Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe seasons through to Elvis' last powerful New Year's Eve concert and finally to the last sad few months of 1977.
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Released : 'Rock Around The Bloch' deluxe hardback book + CD from FTD

Follow That Dream (FTD) have released 'Rock Around The Bloch' (Book/CD) and our order is on the way to us. A deluxe hardback book with 288 pages and 100 unpublished photographs by David English and Pål Granlund, the book is published by FTD books the set includes a CD with a newly-remastered recording of Elvis' performance at the Bloch Arena, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on March 25, 1961 and a newly-discovered recording of the complete press conference and awards ceremony held on March 25, 1961.
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Don Robertson dead at 92

Songwriter and pianist Don Robertson died last week at the age of 92. Elvis recorded 14 songs written by Robertson. Robertson's own song 'The Happy Whistler' was a million seller in 1956. His special way of playing the piano was very successful. Robertson worked as a singer and pianist for RCA Victor and Capitol Records,but also as a background keyboardist on recordings with Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole, Duane Eddy, Al Martino and many others. The best-known songs Elvis recorded, written by Robertson, his 'There's Always Me', 'Anything That's Part Of You', 'I Met Her Today', 'I'm Counting on You' and 'No More'.
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Review : Elvis Presley Flaming Star Blu-ray

Hot on the heels of their Blu-ray release of Follow That Dream, Twilight Time is back with another Elvis Presley vehicle, 1960's Flaming Star. This spiffy new Blu-ray, which boasts an excellent transfer, is strictly limited to 3,000 copies. Director Don Siegel tackled this Western several years after gritty '50s classics like 'Riot in Cell Block 11' (1954) and 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' (1956), but this was more than a decade before his iconic 'Dirty Harry'. Make no mistake, this is no Elvis Presley musical lark; The King meant business with this one. He knocks out a novelty tune early on, presumably to satisfy those who simply couldn't bear the thought of a Presley movie without tunes, but otherwise he is here to act. Technical merits of this release are generally very good, and Flaming Star comes Recommended.
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Nancy Sinatra 'Elvis, frankly, was just an OK singer' NOT

A number of websites are reporting the story that Nancy Sinatra recently said that 'Elvis, frankly, was just an OK singer' ... 'Elvis was the King, but he was no Chairman of the Board' .... 'You're talking about the difference between stardom and talent', ... 'Elvis had talent and was a big star, but no one touches Frank and no one will in terms of musicianship and elegance and charitable work' ... Well Nancy did not say any of this. Elvis Australia's Scott Jenkins asked Nancy (Via her twitter account) and received the reply, read in full.
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Harmonic Convergence : The Beatles meet Elvis Presley

For almost as long as there’'s been rock 'n'’ roll, Los Angeles has been a city at the center of its history and mythology—, a town in which legends are made, burned, rebuilt, merchandised, forgotten. The city has had its fair share of native rock talent, and has been the adopted home of many more singular rockin'’ careers, but perhaps the greatest of L.A.'’s rock ’n’ roll tête-à-têtes occurred on a still summer night in 1965, high up in the rarefied climes of Bel Air. There, in a splendid home on Perugia Way, Elvis met the Beatles. Or more precisely, the Beatles met Elvis.
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'Hawaiian Beach Boy : The Expanded Blue Hawaii Album II' (Mono Edition) CD

Along with volume I (Stereo) also for release is 'Hawaiian Beach Boy : The Expanded Blue Hawaii Album II' (Monophonic Sound Edition). This is number 16 from the very popular 'The Bootleg Series' and contains 32 tracks, including masters and outtakes from the movie Blue Hawaii in mono, including the original mono album masters and includes is a 12 page booklet.

'Hawaiian Beach Boy : The Expanded Blue Hawaii Album Vol. I 2 CD set

The 15th release in the very popular 'The Bootleg Series' will be 'Hawaiian Beach Boy : The Expanded Blue Hawaii Album I' (stereophonic Sound Edition), a 2 CD set with 56 tracks, including masters and outtakes from the movie Blue Hawaii in stereo. Also the movie versions (never before released in this form on CD), the original orchestral music made for the movie (also previously unreleased), 2 songs from The Surfers (recorded for the movie) and 5 Bonus Tracks, and a 20 page booklet.