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Elvis Presley In Aspen Colorado January 24, 1969

On January 24, 1969 after completing the first recording sessions at American Studios, Elvis takes a winter holiday to Aspen Colarado with Priscilla and Lisa Marie returning for more recording on the 17th.
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The definitive truth about Elvis Presley and racism according to B.B. King

B.B. King knew 'the definitive truth about Elvis Presley and racism'. 'Let me tell you the definitive truth about Elvis Presley and racism', The King of the Blues, B.B. King said in 2010. 'With Elvis, there was not a single drop of racism in that man. And when I say that, believe me I should know'.
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Re-Release : If I Can Dream Deluxe Box Set, 17 track extended limited edition

To be re-released only in Holland and France at the end of February is the deluxe box set of 'If I Can Dream'. In the box is a beautiful 17 track double LP vinyl album set, a poster, a 12' size booklet, and last but not least, a 17 track CD, yes both the CD and the double vinyl record have an extra three bonus tracks, 'What Now My Love, 'Heartbreak Hotel' and 'Anything That's Part of You'. And all in a nice box! The regular version of the CD includes 14 tracks in the UK, as per the US and Australian versions ... So what do we think of the three extra tracks? In this new review we use a selection of the feedback we have received. Pre-order now!
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Cartoons & Rock 'n' Roll By Ger Rijff Book with CD

Here is something a little different, Cartoons & Rock 'n' Roll By Ger Rijff Book with CD.
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Review : The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977 Hardcover Book

Flipping through the 'The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977' my first reaction is this book was put together very well, presented in the chronological form ... I can't help but be pleased, I could not see any better way of presenting the Elvis 45 record sleeves, Elvis EP & Elvis LP Covers than the way that they are presented to us in this book. The Vinyl Artwork book contains most of the original photography for the albums, singles and extended plays released in Elvis Presley's lifetime. Many of the photos are the full gorgeous images as they were originally photographed with many never before seen in their entirety. Many of these photos are considered to be some of the greatest photography on Elvis Presley. 'The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977contains The SinglesThe Extended PlaysThe Albums, Selective Back Cover Art, Letters, Documents, Layouts, Alternate Artwork/Photo's, complete discography ...
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'Elvis In Houston' 4-CD Longbox : 1974-75-76

'Elvis In Houston' is new Elvis 4-CD Longbox containing 4 Soundboard recorded CDs from Houston 1974-1975 + 1976 and will be a numbered limited edition of only 400 sets!
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Elvis' guitarist James Burton reads 'The Elvis Files'

Recently the seventh volume was published in the famous book series 'The Elvis Files' by Erik Lorentzen. More than 1000 pictures are inside the latest release, with some unpublished.
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Elvis Presley in Concert Honolulu, Hawaii November 18, 1972

Elvis Presley in Concert Honolulu, Hawaii November 18, 1972 (2:30 pm Show).
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DVD Review : Elvis The Hollywood Collection

Everyone has a favorite Elvis movie. There are the obvious choices Blue Hawaii and GI BluesJailhouse Rock, and Love Me Tender that made Elvis' career in films. In this nice six film collection (Released in 2007) from Warner Brothers, there are some of the Elvis movies that don't always get shown during Elvis tribute times, but are special to many people. There is nothing like an Elvis movie to make viewers nostalgic. You may not have lived it, but with Elvis as the star, you certainly feel a part of the action. Anyone up for 'doing the clam?'
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'A Killer Nite!' CD from Straight Arrow

Coming out soon is new Straight Arrow CD titled 'A Killer Nite!', featuring the previously unreleased Las Vegas, August 26th, 1972 Dinner show. This recording is taken directly from a recently found original mastertape, as recorded by British super fan Rex Martin. This new source has never been in circulation. Of all the engagements that Elvis performed between 1969 and '76, there is no doubt that his Summer '72 season was one of his finest.

FTD's Delayed

Follow That Dream (FTD), Sony's collector's label have advised that the new FTD's planned for release next week, will not be out for 'at least another 2 weeks'. The three releases are, 2-CD 5" digpack The West Coast Tour '76 containing shows from San Francisco and Anaheim in November 1976, a 2x LP, 180- Gram, 'He Touched Me - The Recording Sessions' and a new book, 'How RCA Brought Elvis To Europe', a beautifully designed book contains unseen pictures and follows Elvis ascent from hottest act in The South via US stardom to becoming RCA Victor's spearhead as the company launched the RCA label worldwide.
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Elvis Presley, Cadillacs and Don Kinney : Vail, Colorado 1976

On January 4, 1976, on the spur of the moment Elvis decided to fly to Vail, Colorado for a vacation. During this time, Elvis purchased and gave as gifts several Cadillacs. In reporting the story of Elvis generosity to his police friends it is said that Denver television newsman Don Kinney joked on air that he'd like a car, too ('Elvis, if you're watching - I wouldn't mind getting a car too') and that Elvis buys him a Seville. In the following, Don Kinney contradicts this and tells his story.
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Elvis Hilton Showroom Volume 1 CD

AudiRec proudly presents: Elvis - Hilton Showroom Volume 1 - a brand new CD Set which will be released shortly. It includes an audience recording of the complete and so far unreleased performance from December 8, 1975 - right in the middle of Elvis' December Las Vegas 75 Season.

Review : Elvis As Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis FTD CD

I remember as a young fan first hearing Elvis As Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis around 1984, now some 20 years later and 30 years after the actual show took place we get to hear the almost complete 70 minute show (well 69 minutes!) Still on one CD release that's almost twice the running time of the LP version!
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'Record Store Day' Release from MRS : 'Such A Night: Live In Pearl Harbor'

Memphis Recording Service will release the limited edition 2LP 'Such A Night: Live In Pearl Harbor' for 'Record Store Day'. Originally released on CD in 2012 extra material will be on the vinyl version! Also included is the debut of the recently discovered press conference for the show which was not available at the time of the CD release. The included 24 page booklet is illustrated with many rare large images and extensive, informative linear notes that recall historical facts up to and including Elvis' arrival and performance in Pearl Harbor. MRS will release the 'Elvis Live In The 50's' in February.
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Keith Richards talks about Elvis Presley

Keith Richards can be a bit hard to listen too, but it is Keith Richards talks about Elvis Presley after all! Watch and listen as Keith talks about Elvis Presley.
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Benjamin Keough, Elvis Presley's Grandson

Ben Keough carries the very dominant Elvis Presley gene inheriting the famous pout and baby blues eyes that his mother Lisa Marie also dons.The resemblance is spooky to say the least, because given the year, if Ben Keough would dye his locks jet black he would be identical to his late grandpa, Elvis Presley.
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What is an Elvis Presley?

What is an Elvis Presley? by Eddie Condon. Cosmopolitan, December 1956.
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Jessie D. McDowell (J.D.) Presley : Elvis Presleys Grandfather

Elvis Presley's Grandfather, Jessie D. McDowell (J.D.) Presley was born on April 9, 1896. We tell his story in great detail and with compassion, and include audio of his two songs he recorded in 1958. For the first time we name Elvis' great-grandfather on his father side and publish a photo of Elvis' great grand-mother, Rosella. Includes video, of Elvis' Grandfather Jesse D. Presley with his wife, Vera, on CBS TV in 1958 discussing his new record, his singing debut and hopes of becoming a success. Plus audio of the two songs he recorded, and released on record!!
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Elvis '68 Special Edition Volume 2 DVD

Following volume 1, the DVD Elvis '68 Special Edition Volume 2 will soon be available for fans. Many years ago, Elvis fans were delighted with videotape releases containing spectacular outtakes of the famous '68 Comeback Special featuring sensational camera angles and performances of Elvis during one of his finest moments in his career. Over the years since, most of the footage has seen the light of day in various official releases, this DVD series takes the '68 Comeback Special to a whole new level.
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Why Riley Keough, aka Elvis' Granddaughter, is One to Watch in 2016

Riley Keough, star of the upcoming Starz series 'The Girlfriend Experience' and daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, was captivated by her mother's magical closet growing up.
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'If I Can Dream' Chart Update

In a chart week dominated by David Bowie 'If I Can Dream': Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' remains at No. 2 on the UK charts and No. 5 in Australia and also in Ireland. Somewhat predicably the album remains at No. 2 on the Billboard Classical Chart. Bowie has 13 albums on the ARIA Album Charts in Australia, 19 on the Uk chart. For more see ElvisPresleyCharts.com

Linda Thompson to Release book in May

In May this year, Linda Thompson will release her autobiography. The title of the book is 'A Little Thing Called Life - From Elvis's Graceland To Bruce Jenner's Caitlyn And Songs In Between' and a part in the book is of course about her time with Elvis in the seventies. The release is scheduled for May 3.
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Video : Elvis Presley, Linda Thompson, Lisa Marie | August 2 1974

Elvis Presley, Linda Thompson, Jeanne LeMay, Lisa Marie | August 2 1974
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As Long As I Have You on transparent GREEN vinyl from 'Rockwell Records'

Following the recent vinyl LP releases, I Was The One a 12 inch record album on CERISE PINK Vinyl and I Want To Be Free a 12 inch record album on TURQUOISE Vinyl, 'Rockwell Records' will release 'As Long As I Have You' on transparent GREEN vinyl. This 12" 'coloured' vinyl LP record album features classic Elvis recordings from 1957 and 1958. This is a limited Edition of just 270 NUMBERED copies
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Joe Moscheo has Died

Joe Moscheo a member of the gospel group 'The Imperials' passed away in Nashville on Monday night. Joe Moscheo was a member of the gospel group 'The Imperials' that sang with Elvis from 1969-1971.
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'Black Star': David Bowie's Connection to Elvis Presley

Like most children of the 1950s, David Bowie considered Elvis a mythic figure. The pair, who would go on to share a record label, RCA, in the 1970s, also happened to be born on the same day. In an interview with Q in 1997 Bowie said of the date: 'I couldn't believe it', he was a major hero of mine. And I was probably stupid enough to believe that having the same birthday as him actually meant something'. And his 69th birthday, and the musical 'Lazarus' - has led back to Elvis. On this week's New York Times Popcast, the philosopher Simon Critchley, whose book 'Bowie' was released in 2014, points to the rare Elvis song 'Black Star', an alternate version of 'Flaming Star' from the 1960 Western of the same name.
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'Last Stint At The International' CD from Straight Arrow

The 'Last Stint At The International' CD from Straight Arrow follows the previous release 'Solid As Rock' that received a great deal of acclaim from the fans, who praised the quality of Elvis' performance as well as the good audio. Some even stated that we had 'undersold' this release, and that the sound-quality of the recording is better than what was stated in our publicity. We at Straight Arrow believe that self-praise is no praise at all; we prefer to let our product speak for itself, which is also why we have built up a loyal following over the years.

Linda Thompson Remembers Elvis Presley + Elvis' chow, Getlow

Elvis was a very tender soul. He had such a good heart. We literally bought out a pet shop one night. About three o'clock one morning, Get- Low was acting really strange, so we had a doctor come over. He said, 'I don't think the dog will make it through the night'. So Elvis leased a Learjet and flew Get Lo, my girlfriend and me, and the doctor up to Boston to a special clinic for kidney dialysis. We left him up there for about three months. But he didn't live long after that. He was only about a year old. We were on tour when he died, and we were coming home on his plane when they told us. Elvis just cried.
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Review : The Impossible Dream FTD CD

The Impossible Dream captures Elvis Presley at the start of his fourth Las Vegas season beginning on January 26th 1971 and marks the first time RCA/BMG/FTD have officially released live recordings from this year. Although three other soundboards have been unofficially released from the same engagement, thankfully FTD decided to issue the previously unreleased January 28th dinner show along with several bonus tracks.
Elvis Reviews > Elvis CD Reviews > FTD > By Daniel Avram

Elvis Presley: The RCA Album Collection 60 CD + Book Deluxe Box Set

Sony Music will release the 60 CD box set, 'Elvis Presley: The RCA Album Collection' on March 18, 2016. This 60th Anniversary 60-CD Deluxe Edition celebrates RCA Victor's signing of Elvis Presley - The King of rock 'n' roll and features all of the albums Elvis recorded and RCA released in his lifetime: studio, soundtrack, and live. It also includes compilations released that featured unreleased songs or songs new to the LP format. Original album packaging has been painstakingly restored including gatefold/die cut sleevesoriginal RCA Victor insertsstickers and more. CD labels replicate original side 1 labels. The Album Collection also includes a 300-page deluxe fully illustrated hard cover book with complete insightful commentary, discography and recording session data. Elvis Presley-The Album Collection represents a level of artistic achievement unparalleled to this day.
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Great Video : Elvis Love Me Tender w/ The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Watch this great video made by a fan, totally professional and mixes old and new so well.
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'Elvis and Nixon' movie revealed - and it is a Comedy

The plot for the 'Elvis and Nixon' movie has been revealed with the release of the first trailer - and it is a COMEDY. The movie starring Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey as Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon is scheduled for release in April 2016 and it looks like it will be a fun comedy. As it turns out, the movie is NOT about Elvis' visit to the White House' meeting President Richard Nixon in the Oval office on December 21, 1970, instead it is BASED on it, taking one fact and making a NON serious movie - well in fact it is clearly a very amusing comedy!!! View the trailer.
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If I Can Dream sells over one million in UK

'If I Can Dream': Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' has now sold 1 million copies in the UK. A marvelous achievement these days, and it remains at No. 2 on the UK charts. Iin Scotland the album has remained at No. 1 (4 weeks in total now) and in Ireland it is again No. 6. In the USA, the album has retaken the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Classical Chart however it has this week departed the Billboard Top 200 having spend 8 weeks and peaking at No. 21. And in Australia the album moves up one place to No. 5 in its 10th week on the ARIA Album Charts.

'How RCA Brought Elvis To Europe' from FTD Books (W/ Unreleased 1956 Vinyl EP)

Follow That Dream (FTD Books) will release a new book, 'How RCA Brought Elvis To Europe'. This beautifully designed book contains unseen pictures and follows Elvis ascent from hottest act in The South via US stardom to becoming RCA Victor's spearhead as the company launched the RCA label worldwide in 1956. It goes on to show how Europe was completely won over by the early 1960's. And did Elvis really pose a threat to communist Eastern Europe when he served as a US Soldier in West Germany? Boy, he sure did. All these topics and plenty more are covered in How RCA Brought Elvis to Europe. And not to be forgotten: free with the book's first edition comes an Unreleased 1956 Vinyl EP.
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'He Touched Me - The Recording Sessions' 2 LP Vinyl from FTD

FTD Vinyl is pleased to announce the the release of its 2x LP, 180-Gram, 'He Touched Me - The Recording Sessions' this February. This album completes on vinyl the trio of Elvis' religious albums.
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The West Coast Tour '76 2-CD Soundboard from FTD

Follow That Dream (FTD) will release the 2-CD 5" digpack The West Coast Tour '76 containing shows from San Francisco and Anaheim in November 1976, in February.
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Follow That Dream (FTD) have increased the price of the next FTD book

Follow That Dream (FTD) have increased the price of the next FTD book, How RCA Brought Elvis To Europe. In addition they have slightly increased Vinyl prices. And to top it all off, the AUD/USD has slipped against the Euro so will also reflect in higher prices for all.
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Review : Chicago Stadium 2 CD 1976 Soundboard Set From FTD [Two Concerts]

1976 was a turbulent year for The King of Rock n' Roll. His continually declining health coupled with a hectic touring schedule resulted in a very up and down quality to his shows throughout the year. Coming off the summer portion of his touring schedule, where he endured numerous mediocre concert reviews, Elvis kicked off his 8th tour of 1976 with a 2-night engagement at the Chicago Stadium in the 'Windy City' of Chicago, Illinois. Did the 35-day vacation between tours help E... lvis to rejuvenate from the frenzied pace of his summer tours? The 'Follow That Dream' (FTD) Collector's Label answers that question with it's 96th release - Chicago Stadium a 2-CD set containing both performances in Chicago on Oct 14th and 15th.
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Elvis: Power At The Box Office (1964)

Elvis: Power At The Box Office, by Bob Rolontz, Music Business, November 21, 1964.
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