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Elvis Presley's Draft Card (1953)

Elvis Presley's Draft Card. This is Elvis' Selective Service Registration Certificate -- more commonly referred to as a 'draft card' -- dated January 19, 1953 (11 days after his 18th birthday) and signed along the left edge by Elvis in blue ink and co-signed by a local board clerk along the bottom.

Elvis Presley number 1 entertainer in the US Military

It seems only fair that the man known as 'the King of Rock 'n' Roll' should be the king of this list.Drafted by the U.S. Army just as he was experiencing a rise to stardom seldom seen before or since in popular music, Presley didn't shirk from his duty and found himself trading in his leather jacket for combat fatigues. He entered the Army as a regular GI at Ft. Chaffee on March 24, 1958. As his famously tousled hair was shaved down to regulation length, he cracked, 'Hair today, gone tomorrow.' His induction was a major event, with hundreds of overlookers and media there to witness it.
Elvis In The Army

Elvis Presley: America’s Secret Weapon in the Cold War

The King of Rock became a one-man special force against the East Germans, even as he [Allegedly] questioned the validity of the conflict itself ... The mission gained intensity after November 1958, when Elvis was on maneuvers in Grafenwöhr and Khrushchev issued an ultimatum giving the U.S. six months to agree to withdraw from Berlin. Thus began the Berlin Crisis ... During those years, Elvis loomed large in official East German thinking about the Cold War ... The East German leaders described him as a threat ...

Elvis Presley In The U.S. Army : The Journey Begins

On January 19, 1953, like all young American men of the time were required to do at age 18, Elvis Presley registered for the U.S. Selective Service System. Under the system, young men of good health were expected to be available to serve for two years of active duty and then four years in the reserves. Take our 20 page tour of Elvis Presley in the U.S. Army. Includes, Elvis Presley Photos photos, Elvis Presley Video video, Elvis Presley MP3 Audio audio, and information.
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