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Girls! Girls! Girls!

Elvis Presley Lyrics Words & Music by Jerry Leiber And Mike Stoller Elvis Presley Lyrics

Girls, goin' swimming,
Girl, in bikinis,
A walkin' and wigglin' by, yay, yay, yay
Girls, on the beaches,
Girls, oh, what a peaches,
So pretty, Lord I could cry
I'm just a red blooded boy
And I can't stop thinkin' about

Girls, sailin' sailboats,
Girls, water skiin',
They'll drive me out of my mind, yay, yay, yay
Girls, big and brassy,
Girls, small and sassy,
Just give me one of each kind

I'm just a red blooded boy
And I can't stop thinkin' about
Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls!

And when I pick up a sandwich too much
A crunchy crunchety
A crunchety crunch
I never ever get to finish my lunch
Because there's always bound to be a bunch of

Girls, in tight sweaters,
Girls, in short dresses,
A walkin' and wigglin' by, yay, yay, yay
Girls, out boatin'
Girls, just a floatin'
So pretty, Lord I could cry.

I'm just a red blooded boy
And I can't stop thinkin' about
Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls!

Recorded: 1962/03/27, first released on Girls! Girls! Girls!

Elvis Presleys Movies From the movie Girls!, Girls!, Girls!

March 9, 1962 - Elvis went backstage at The Auditorium Elvis Presley Photos on this night of to say hello to some of his friends in the Holiday on Ice cast, and skating star Dorothy Goos promptly put him to work holding yarn.

Elvis had visited Holiday on Ice people here during their last three annual visits.

March 18 1962 RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tennessee

Something Blue N2WW 0685-07
Gonna Get Back Home Somehow N2WW 0686-07
Easy Question N2WW 0687-05
Fountain Of Love N2WW 0688-10
Just For Old Times Sake N2WW 0689-05
Night Rider N2WW 0690-05
You'll Be Gone N2WW 0691-03

March 19 1962 RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tennessee

I Feel That I've Known You Forever N2WW 0692-05
Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello N2WW 0693-06
Suspicion N2WW 0694-05
She's Not You N2ww 0695-05
She's Not You (work Part) ____-03
She's Not You (Composite) N2WW 0695-sp

March 26, 1962 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

I Don't Want To N2PB 3275-03
We're Coming In Loaded N2PB 3288-06
Thanks To The Rolling Sea N2PB 3281-05

March 27, 1962 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Where Do You Come From N2PB 3274-14
Girls! Girls! Girls! N2PB 3272-03
Return To Sender N2PB 3279-02
Because Of Love N2PB 3280-06
The Walls Have Ears N2PB 3283-12
The Walls Have Ears (Movie Version) ____-01
Song Of The Shrimp N2PB 3282-06
A Boy Like Me A Girl Like You N2PB 3277-05

March 28, 1962 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Mama WPA1 8121-10
Earth Boy N2PB 3278-09
Earth Boy (Movie Version) ____-SP
Earth Boy (Movie Version - Vocal Overdub) ____-SP
Dainty Little Moonbeams (End Title - Part 1) WPA5 2505-06
Girls! Girls! Girls! (End Title - Part 2) WPA5 2506-15
Girls! Girls! Girls! (End Title - Composite) ____-SP
I Don't Want To Be Tied N2PB 3273-08
I Don't Want To Be Tied (Movie Version) ____-SP
Plantation Rock NPA5 5824-SP

May 2, 1962 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Mama (Composite) WPA1 8122-SP

May 23, 1962 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

We'll Be Together N2PB 3276-11

May 23, Follow That Dream opens nationally.

June 17, For the first time since leaving Germany in 1960, Elvis is reunited with Priscilla Beaulieu. She stays for two weeks at the home of Presley friend and custom car designer George Barris after endless assurances from Elvis to her parents that she will be respected and well cared for.

June 19, After two days with Barris, Priscilla moves into Elvis' L.A. Home on Bellagio Drive anyway.

June 20, Elvis, Priscilla, and the Memphis Mafia head to the Sahara in Vegas.

July 1, Priscilla returns to Germany.

July 12, Elvis purchases land directly across Highway 51 from Graceland, using the mansion itself as collateral.

July 29, Kid Galahad opens nationally.

August 6, 1962 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Girls! Girls! Girls! (Movie Version) ____-SP

August 6, Longtime girlfriend Anita Wood -- who has been staying at the Graceland mansion since Elvis' return from the Army -- overhears the singer talking to his father about the difficulty of choosing between Anita and Priscilla. She immediately returns to her hometown of Jackson, TN, telling the Memphis Press-Scimitar that Elvis is not ready to settle down. Read our Interview with Anita Wood for the full story.

August 30, 1962 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Happy Ending PPA3 2717-08
Happy Ending (Movie Version) PPA3 2717-09
Relax PPA3 2726-13

September 22, 1962 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

I'm Falling In Love Tonight PPA3 2719-08
They Remind Me Too Much Of You PPA3 2725-09
Cotton Candy Land PPA3 2720-05
A World Of Our Own PPA3 2721-01
How Would You Like To Be PPA3 2722-06
One Broken Heart For Sale (Movie Version) WPA5 2512-01
One Broken Heart For Sale PPA3 2724-05
Beyond The Bend PPA3 2723-04
Take Me To The Fair PPA3 2718-08

October 16, 1962 MGM Sound Stage - Hollywood, California

Take Me To The Fair (Movie Version) WPA5 2552

October 21, Girls Girls Girls opens nationwide.

November 29, Elvis returns to Memphis and is greeted with bad news: his first nationwide tour in three years has fallen through, the result of an inability for the Colonel and RCA to come to terms on the details.

The 43-date tour would have netted Elvis one million dollars.

December 19, Having apparently made his decision, Elvis meets Priscilla at his father's house in Memphis, where she has driven in from New York City with father Vernon and stepmother Dee. Priscilla is nervous, and Elvis prescribes some sleeping pills which leave her asleep for the better part of two days.

December 25, At a private Graceland Christmas party, Elvis presents Priscilla with a toy poodle, which she promptly names Honey. Her gift to Elvis is a wooden cigar box that plays his recent hit 'Surrender'.

December 31, After fireworks at Graceland, New Year's Eve 1962 is spent at another private party.

Held this time at Memphis' Manhattan Club.

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