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I Met Her Today

Elvis Presley Lyrics Words & Music by Don Robertson Elvis Presley Lyrics

Don Robertson: I usually made my demos in Hollywood at the famous Gold Star Studios with the legendary Stan Ross manning the board. I Met Her Today was an exception. I played and sang it live for the Aberbachs (Hill & Range Songs) in their offices in the Brill Building at 1650 Broadway in New York City (where many music publishers were located) and they wanted me to make a demo right away, so I went to a little studio nearby (just voice and piano as I recall). After 1960, I made some of my demos in Nashville.

Chet Atkins once told me that my renditions were at their best when I played and sang at the same time - that I sounded different than when I overdubbed the vocals. I find it more demanding and harder to do, doing it at the same time, but if it sounds better I guess it's worth it.

It worked both ways.

The more I listened to Elvis, the more I tended to write the songs and sing the demos in his style. It was a fortunate coincidence that we both had about the same comfortable vocal range (his was greater), and we understood each other's phrasing. He also liked my accompaniments, whether just piano, or with small or large orchestras. At his house one time, he told me how much he liked the intro and fills on I Met Her Today and on Anything That's Part Of You and asked me to play them several times for him on his grand piano.

June 25, 1961 RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tennessee

Kiss Me Quick M2WW 0857-12
That's Someone You Never Forget M2WW 0858-08

June 26, 1961 RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tennessee

I'm Yours M2WW 0859-06
His Latest Flame M2WW 0860-08
Little Sister M2WW 0861-04

October 15, 1961 RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tennessee

For The Millionth & The Last Time M2WW 1002-12
Good Luck Charm M2WW 1003-04
Anything That's Part Of You M2WW 1004-10

October 16, 1961 RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tennessee

I Met Her Today M2WW 1005-18
Night Rider M2WW 1006-03

October 26, 1961 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

King Of The Whole Wide World WPA5 2551-31
A Whistling Tune N2PB 3136-SP
Home Is Where The Heart Is N2PB 3134-21
Riding The Rainbow ____-09
Riding The Rainbow ____-07
Riding The Rainbow (Composite) N2PB 3133-SP

October 27, 1961 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

I Got Lucky (Alternate Master) ____-06
I Got Lucky N2PB 3135-02
This Is Living N2PB 3132-10
King Of The Whole Wide World N2PB 3131-04

December 25, Elvis and Priscilla spend Christmas in Las Vegas.

Elvis wants to avoid Graceland while Vernon and his new wife, Dee are staying at Graceland.

December 28, Vernon and Dee Presley move into their new home qt 3650 Hermatige Drive.

I Met Her Today

I told you that some day
If you kept on being untrue
Somebody else would come along
And release me from you

You'll be glad to know now
Your fickle heart
Can have its own way
For it finally happened
I've met her today

I used to think I just couldn't live
A day without you
In spite of the thousand doubts and tears
That you put me through
All at once I don't care as much for you
I'm sorry to say
For now there's another
I met her today

How I treasured each smile, each kiss
You gave to me now and then
Well, you needn't be kind to me now
Oh no, not ever again

Just when the last bit of pride in me was gone
Someone heard me pray
And sent me my angel
I met her today
I met her today

Recorded: 1961/10/15, first released on Elvis For Everyone

CD. Elvis For Everyone CD

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